Wandering the gallery

Contributions to a book edited by Clare Qualmann and Claire Hind (2017) in response to art works in London’s Tate…

4 years ago

Educational Projects

A selection of projects in a blog documenting my ongoing work as an art specialist teacher : https://makinganddoingblog.wordpress.com/

4 years ago

Carrying Piece

A part of Elbowroom group exhibition. June 2014 A series of objects were carried through the city and placed in…

6 years ago

Festival Emblems

A project at Camp a Low Hum 2013 where festival goers were invited to create a Cyanotype print of foliage…

7 years ago

Public Sculpture Table

The Public Sculpture Table ran over three weekends in different Wellington parks in Summer 2012 / 13. It was created…

7 years ago

Ornamental Thoughtfulness

For six weeks a series of little bronze hands were installed in central Wellington. In walkways, shortcuts and places people…

7 years ago

Public Toilet Project

The Public Toilet Project took place over one week in selected public toilets in Central Auckland in May 2008. In…

7 years ago